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Today’s work environment is mobile. Staff move around to assist colleagues, attend meetings or carry out their jobs. At the same time productivity is becoming more and more dependent on timely communications between colleagues, customers and suppliers.

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A short introduction

DECT or Cordless Phones

DECT or Cordless phones are becoming progressively popular within businesses. These can be added to phone systems or used on their own. DECT phones are cordless phones with a technical name. DECT stands for Digitally Enhanced Cordless Telephony.


How do they work

Cordless phones send and receive voice to a device that gives out signal. With home cordless phones, that device is usually the charging block. With professional cordless phones it is to a professional base station, this is not the charging block. These are usually mounted on a wall or ceiling and are placed around different areas of the building.

DECT phones can be expanded to form multi handset systems with call transfer and intercom facilities.

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